Our experience allows us to help reduce the potential risks that could arise through negligence or inexperience with water hygiene. 



ECFM Services provide a full range of water hygiene services to Companies, Site Engineers, Contract Managers and Duty Holders enabling them to safely maintain water systems ensuring compliance with current water hygiene legislation which leads to without compromise, the protection and wellbeing of employees, visitors and the community.


Good Water Hygiene is about preserving and maintaining the health of water systems these include:-


Drinking Water, Stored Water, Domestic Water Systems, Showers, Air Handling Units, Spa Pools, Fountains and any other application where an aerosol spray is generated. ECFM Services offer a comprehensive package of Water Hygiene Solutions for any type of building. These include a water systems cleaning and chlorination service to CWS Tanks, HWS Calorifiers, Distribution Pipework and outlets.


Cooling Tower Treatment, Chemical Analysis, Water Sampling, Cleaning and Chlorination and repairs.

Closed System Treatment, Dosing and Protection, Closed Systems Flushing.

Legionella and Water Hygiene Risk Assessments.


ECFM Services offer support and advice across Acop L8, Parts 1, 2 & 3 of HSG274.  Safety and Compliance, Water Management, and Legionella Control.


Our Water Risk Assessment includes as standard detailed information on all assets, Water Storage, Hygiene and Temperature Checks, Legionella Control Measures, A photographic Asset Register and Water Systems Schematics. All sampling for Legionella, Pseudomonas, General Microbiological and other water borne pathogens are only allowed to be tested in a laboratory with full UKAS accreditation.